2016/2017 Game Processing Menu

Processing Fees are Due When the Animal is Dropped Off. 
Processing includes skinning, aging and all cuts, grind, tenderizing, butterflying and jerky slicing.

Standard Deer Processing: ----------------------------- $85.00
_(Wrapped in Butcher Paper) 
Premium Deer Processing: ---------------------------- $110.00 
_( Vacuum Sealed Packaging)

Quartered Deer or Hog -------------------------------$15.00/qtr

Large Game -----------------------------Quartered --$50.00/qtr
------------------------------------------Whole Animal --$250.00
Wild Hog Processing: ----------------------------------- $100.00
( Hog Breakfast Sausage ------------------------------- $1.89/lb)


Beef Fat added to grind (any percentage) ----------- $10.00

*NEW* Bacon Burger *NEW* ------------------------- $1.80 lb
CFC Pan Breakfast Sausage --------------------------- $2.89 lb 
CFC Italian Sausage Links ----------------------------- $3.29 lb 
CFC Smoked Sausage Links --------------------------- $3.89 lb 
CFC Smoked Sausage Links Jalapeno/ Cheese ----- $4.49 lb 
CFC Summer Sausage ---------------------------------- $4.49 lb 
CFC Summer Sausage Jalapeno/ Cheese ------------ $4.99 lb 

Note: Minimum of 10 lbs per sausage type chosen

Additional Services: 

Deer Cape-Out: -------------------------------------------$25.00

Large Game Cape Out ------------------------------------$60.00
Field Dressing: -------------------------------------------$100.00

Donation --------------------------------------------------$40.00


 European Mounts: ----------------------------------------$125.00
on a plaque:  -----------------------------------------------$150.00

Cold Storage available for $7.00 /day

24 hour unmanned dropoff
Terms and Conditions 1. Once your deer has been processed, we will call and let you know it is ready for pick-up. Approximate time for processing is 2-4 weeks. 2. All Link Sausage is mixed 50/50 with pork, our Summer Sausage is mixed with 10% Beef fat. 6. No deer will be accepted on the premises unless it is field dressed or there will be a $50.00 Field Dressing Fee due at drop-off. 7. No deer will be accepted on the premises unless it is properly tagged. 8. Payment for processing is due when the animal is dropped off. 9. Fees and terms are the intellectual property of Clear Fork Processing and Taxidermy and are subject to change without notice. 10.Due to limited space, all meat must be picked up before 30 days after notification of completion of processing.